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December 31, 2010

It’s a love/hate relationship.

I’d like to preface this post by saying that it is about breastfeeding and pumping breast milk. If you know me in real life and feel that this subject may make you uncomfortable, STOP reading now! Otherwise, carry on. ūüôā

When Little Miss was born, I had high hopes for our breastfeeding experience. I fully intended to exclusively breastfeed her for the first six months. After that I would slowly introduce solid foods while continuing to breastfeed. Little nursed for the first time at only thirty minutes old. It was such a strange experience that first time. It’s crazy that a just-born baby knows where to find her food and is usually pretty effective at getting it!

We met with the lactation consultant at the hospital who was very helpful. I learned lots of ways to hold my new little bundle while nursing and discovered the one in which we both seemed most comfortable. And then it was time to go home. We only stayed at the hospital for one night and were headed home the next day.

I’ve read articles about how in the Western world, mothers leave the hospital at a crucial time in¬† their breastfeeding journey: usually right around the time that the breast milk¬†arrives!¬†And¬†boy did my milk arrive. I could have probably fed three babies with all of the milk that my body was producing. (I’m going to stop here and once again say that if you want to leave this post, do so now! I’m sure this is way too much information for some people.)¬†¬†Right about the time my supply was finally under control (a week and a couple days¬†postpartum), I got mastitis. High fever, headache, soreness. It was definitely not something that I wanted to deal with while caring for a newborn. Luckily, Daddio and our family were here to help, and I got over it fairly quickly.

I wanted to breastfeed Little more than anything else, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way you plan. Even with the hurdles that I jumped, my breastfeeding experience was not what I expected. Little Miss is and always¬†has been very particular about her feedings. I continued to nurse her, but it was so difficult, and I was always stressed that she wasn’t getting enough to eat. When she was eight weeks old, I couldn’t take it anymore, and with many tears, I gave her a bottle of pumped breast milk. And so began my love/hate relationship with one of the most important Christmas presents I got in 2009: my breast pump.

I have been pumping milk for Little for at least ten months now, but the journey is coming to a close. I plan to drop a pumping session in the near future which will begin the process of drying up the milk. On one hand, I am very excited about this. I hate washing pump parts, pumping in the car, and waiting to go to bed until after my last pumping session of the night. I will be free from the bondage of the pump in just a short while!

But on the other hand, I’ll miss it. Sometimes, the only time I get to sit down and relax during the day is while I am pumping. Plus, the pump has given me an excuse to eat pretty much whatever I want and still lose all the baby weight!

Even though my breastfeeding experience didn’t ¬†go as planned, I’m proud to say that Little Miss was exclusively fed breast milk for her first year and will continue to receive it until my freezer stash runs out. Maybe my next baby will love to nurse as much as I hoped Little would. If not, I guess I will have to rekindle the flame with my beloved/hated pump!

December 28, 2010

Twelve month check-up

Little Miss had her twelve month well check this morning. When I made the appointment a few weeks ago, I typed the time into my phone’s calendar but completely forgot about it when I went to bed last night. Luckily, my little alarm clock, aka Little Miss, woke me up at the usual time of 7:30, and we were able to make it to the doctor on time.

I have never enjoyed the pain that is inflicted on my sweet girl in the form of shots, but I understand that they are a necessary evil. However,¬†when the nurse pricked Little’s big toe for a lead check and commenced to squeeze¬†the blood¬† from her thrashing foot, I wanted nothing more than to scoop her up and run from the examining room.

The rest of the visit wasn’t much better. The doctor checked in, but then it was time for three shots. Little was prepared to resit after the toe prick and put up an admirable fight. I feel so bad holding her down because I know she doesn’t understand why her mamma isn’t helping her fight off the bad¬† guy. I get some comfort in knowing that there must have been many occasions in which my own mother held me down for a shot, but I don’t remember a single time. At least Little will forget all the times the nurse and I have tortured her!

Since I didn’t have this blog for any of Little’s other well checks, here is a run-down of the past twelve months along with some pictures. Enjoy!

Birth: 7 pounds 15 ounces, 20.5 inches long

One month: 10 pounds, 22 inches long

Two months: 12 pounds 3 ounces, 24 inches long

Three months

Four months: 14 pounds 6 ounces, 25.5 inches long

Five months

Six months: 16 pounds 8 ounces, 26.3 inches long

Seven months

Eight months

Nine months: 18 pounds 10 ounces,  29 inches long

Ten months

Eleven months

Twelve months: 20 pounds, 30.5 inches long

December 27, 2010

My little girl in a pink puffy chair

I believe Little Miss greatly enjoyed her first real Christmas. I say first real Christmas because she was born on Christmas of 2009, so this year was actually her second Christmas. But since we were in the hospital with a newborn for all of the holiday last year, some would say it didn’t count.

At any rate, she woke up smiling and ready to enjoy the day! ¬†Her daddy and I greeted her with the video camera to record her first birthday morning. After some milk and a diaper change, we headed out to the living room to open our presents together. Little got some books (I think I may have a problem when it comes to buying books…I can’t stop!), play kitchen food, and some puzzles among other things.

After finishing our own presents, we went over to Daddy’s parents’ house to visit with lots of family. It was a little overwhelming with all of the people and presents, but one of Little’s¬†gifts was a pink oversized arm-chair and ottoman from Nana and Poppy. She got up in that chair, and it was obvious that she was just taking it all in. While everyone opened their gifts and visited with each other, my sweet girl sat peacefully, toying with a small wrapped box. I don’t think I will¬†ever forget the way she looked sitting in that chair for the first time.

On Christmas night Ressie, Papa C, and Auntie (my mom, dad, and sister) came over for a delicious meal and more gifts. It was low-key and relaxing as we slowly opened each present. Little Miss got more books, the cutest little talking purse, and an owl lamp for her room.

I really can’t believe that Christmas day has already come and gone. It happens more quickly with each year, and I fear that with a child, it will only continue to fly by even faster. I hope that with every holiday, Little Miss is able to hold on to the joy and awe that was so easily observed on her sweet face in that pink puffy chair.

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