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January 29, 2011

Mamma’s helper.

Little Miss loves being in the kitchen, but we normally keep it blocked off because we feed Kona in the kitchen. [Little also loves to play in the dog food. Yuck.]

I let her come in the kitchen with me the other day though, and she was a huge help! ūüôā She played in the cabinets and tried to dig some pots out to clang together.

Want me to unload the dishwasher for you mamma?

My sister got me this yellow apron for Christmas this year. Little Miss also got an apron from my aunt. It’s Christmas themed but also the only one she has. I need to get her another one that she can wear all the time because she looks so cute toddling along in an apron!

January 25, 2011

Dear Little Miss: 13 Months

Dear Little Miss,

You are thirteen months old today. One year and one month old. You have such a fun personality, and I love watching you change so rapidly. I’ve been reading different books to see what I can expect from you in the future,¬† but it almost makes me cry. I can’t imagine having short conversations with you in less than a year. And I can barely remember how small you were at this time last year. Good thing I have plenty of pictures to remind me.

You love baby dolls. One of your favorite things to do is put a baby doll in the stroller you got for your birthday and push the baby around the house. I love to watch you pat, pat, pat the baby’s back. You also sway back and forth with the baby if I sing rock-a-bye baby. One baby doll that you have¬†makes drinking noises if you move her bottle to her mouth. You are such the little mother as you feed your baby and grin with delight as she makes her noises.

Kona is still your best friend. You have tired of retrieving her from her cage every morning like you used to, but you still love playing with her. When Kona gets in a crazy mood and runs around the house like a maniac, you squeal and try to follow after her. Even though you pull her ears, sit on her head, and all around abuse her, she keeps coming back for more every time. It makes me so happy that you two get along so well!

You now eat most everything that Daddio and I eat. Your favorite¬†foods are cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, green beans, bananas and pasta. You still take three bottles a day of breast milk. I tried to mix in an ounce of whole milk for your bedtime bottle last night, and you completely refused to drink any of the bottle! Here we go again…¬†I’m also trying to slowly wean you off of the bottle because I know it is bad for your teeth.¬†Other than milk, you drink sippy cups of water.

You have eight teeth that have fully come in and three on the way! [That’s right, folks. I discovered another tooth that is poking through, and this time it’s a molar! No wonder my poor baby has been so cranky the past few days. And who knows, there may be a molar on the other side of her mouth that is also coming in right now. I couldn’t get a good look, but all of Little’s other teeth have come in pairs.] We bought you a real toothbrush for your tiny teeth, which you seem to love. You have¬†never allowed me to use the finger brush on your teeth, so I’m hoping you will do better with this one.

You take one nap a day (and have since you were ten months old) that is around two hours long and sleep from 7 pm to 7 am most nights.

You blow kisses and make an “Indian” noise with your hand and mouth (a new trick that Auntie taught you).

If I ask you how old you are you hold up your pointer finger (SO cute!).

You know where your nose, mouth, tongue, ears, hair, belly, hands, feet, and toes are.

You like to brush your hair with your comb and hairbrush.

You love to look at books and point to the pictures. You usually only let me read you a whole book if you are a little drowsy. Otherwise, you want to hold the book and turn the pages before I can finish reading all the words.

You are getting better by the day at walking. The majority of the time you are walking, but you do still crawl.

When I’m sitting on the floor, you back up to me and plop down in my lap. You sometimes bring a book or a baby with you.

You love music, and you love to dance! All I have to do is say the word music and you start shaking your little booty. I’ve started declaring that you’re going to be a dancer and singer when you grow up.

You say dada and mama consistently, and you can say duck and book¬†if you want to,¬†but that is pretty much it on words. We’re working on that. You also sign milk, more and all done. You recognize more words than I could type.

I can’t wait to see all the things that you will learn to do this month. I love you baby girl!



January 20, 2011

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

I often have to remind myself of how blessed I am. It’s something I do to keep from feeling sorry for myself over very silly things. Isn’t it so easy to allow one minuscule detail of life control your attitude? Whether it be a good detail (Grey’s¬†Anatomy comes on tonight!) or a negative detail (The bathroom needs to be cleaned again.), trivial parts of my life too often dictate my mood.¬†¬†

Yesterday I was feeling grouchy, hormonal, tired¬†sorry for myself for whatever reason, and Little’s crying and¬†clinginess was not helping matters. I am so blessed to have an independent and for the most part¬†low-maintenance baby (Am I supposed to call her a toddler now?!). She has never wanted me to hold her for long periods or to constantly sit with her as she stacks blocks. I am able to pick up her room, clean the bathroom, or make the bed, and as long as she is able to see me every few minutes, she is a happy girl.

Every now and again, however, she likes to throw me for a loop by demanding me to hold her all day long, cry constantly, take a 45 minute nap, and get right back to crying when she wakes. I’m not used to this baby, and it catches me off guard every time.

Finally around 5:30 last night, I noticed that Little’s nose was running and had a hunch to check for teeth. Ding, ding, ding! Poor baby has two teeth coming in on the top. She already has four on top and four on bottom, so now she will have ten!

That’s right. Mother of the year award can go to me for being grouchy and annoyed with my baby girl as two tiny daggers wreak havoc on her gums. Time to feel extremely selfish and remind myself of all of those blessings.

I am blessed to live in this country. I am blessed to have a warm house in the winter and a cool house in the summer. I’m blessed to have plenty of food to eat. I’m blessed to have a hard-working husband that loves me (and let’s me know it). I am SO blessed to have a beautiful, healthy, smart, funny, timid, feisty baby girl.

That list only skims the surface of the overflowing blessings of my life. It doesn’t matter if a¬†handwritten letter just arrived in the mail or the dog threw up on the carpet because you forgot to feed her breakfast (another post!). I am abundantly blessed nonetheless, and sometimes I need to just remind myself of that.

A good memory is one that can remember the day’s blessings and forget the day’s troubles.


January 16, 2011

Sweet summer time.

It is January 16th, and I’m already craving the warm air of summer.

Little is ready, too. (Photo taken last winter.)

I’m one who enjoys every season in one way or another. Fall is cozy with its crisp¬†air and crunchy leaves. It’s so comforting to snuggle up with your favorite blanket and eat a big bowl of chili. And of course, there is Halloween! This past Halloween was one of the best I’ve ever had. Yes, Daddio and I were those parents who carried their¬†ten-month-old around for candy. No, Little Miss does not eat candy.¬†Yes, we ate every piece that she collected. But I promise we didn’t take her around for the candy. We just wanted to show how cute she looked in her pink kitty costume!

Winter brings hot chocolate and the Christmas season. I love the entire month of December and the feeling that hangs in the air. I’m not talking about the feeling of your toes freezing as you wait outside Target on Black Friday either. Children at school color pictures of snowmen and Santa Claus as they anxiously count down the days until Christmas morning. Also, the food. Need I say more about that? And obviously, the winter season will always be special to me because I brought Little Miss home in the cold winter of 2009.

Spring means new life. How amazing is that? Everything is brown and cold and…ugly, but then out of nowhere the buttercups bloom and a fresh heavenly scent greets you every time you step outside (I won’t mention the dreaded allergies that also attack me around this time every year).

But out of all the seasons, I think it is safe to say that summer is my favorite. Sure, by the end of September I am tired of the 110% humidity and 90+ degree temperatures, but all the fun activities keep you almost too busy to notice…almost.

I can’t wait for this to summer because Little Miss will be able to do so much. I want to go to the park and play with her on the activity set. I want to take Kona on long walks where we are both exhausted and thirsty when we’re done. I can’t wait to swim like a fish in the long summer afternoons. We’ll eat watermelon and drink lemonade mint tea.

But alas, we still have at least two months of cool weather left before spring even arrives. Christmas is over, and now it’s just cold and dead outside. I always welcome the change in seasons when the time comes, but I’ve never anticipated it this early.¬†I can’t wait for the crisp mornings of spring time¬†and then especially those hot summer afternoons. What are you looking forward to in the coming seasons?

January 13, 2011

Home again, home again.

Last Friday,¬†we packed our bags for an impromptu¬†trip to Kentucky where Daddio’s¬†grandparents live. Now I must tell you, I am not one to drop everything and go. As I often tell my husband, I like to “prepare my mind” for most things. I’m just not much for spontaneity. And now that we have another little person to pack for (and a fur-baby), it’s even harder to hop in the car and¬†hit the road.¬†

But last Friday I didn’t mind. We don’t get to see Daddio’s grandparents very often because of the distance between us. When we were dating in high school, we would visit them on weekends and during the summer and always had such a great time. This visit was no different!

We arrived late Friday afternoon and planned to stay until Sunday. Needless to stay, we didn’t come home until yesterday! Work is slow right now for Daddio, so with nowhere¬†else to be, we gladly accepted the hospitality (and wonderful food)¬†from “Mamaw” and “PaPaul.”

Little Miss loves her great-grandparents so much and relished the constant attention she was given. While we were in KY, she perfected her ability to blow a kiss and did so before bed every night. She is also walking the majority of the time now. She slept beautifully (to my delight), and ate like a champ as well.

Kona stayed outside or in the garage during the day and was permitted in the house at night to sleep in her cage. I think she is a farm dog at heart and loved the table scraps she was given, but I did miss her constant companionship while we were there.

Here are some pictures from our trip. Enjoy!

Little Miss loved this Big Bird chair. I think she likes any little chair that she is able to crawl into by herself!

Once she got hold of PaPaul’s iPhone, it was all over! He let her play with it, and they will remain friends until the end of time.

Like I said, best friends. She liked looking at the pictures on the refrigerator.

We watched the birds every morning while we ate our breakfast and visited at the kitchen table. Kona continuously chased them away, but they kept coming back.

January 5, 2011

Welcome to my room!

Little’s room is one of my favorite places in our house. It has a calm, welcoming quality that is just so perfect for a little girl’s room. Before she was even born, I use to sneak off to her room and rock slowly back and forth in the rocking chair, dreaming of what she might look like.

After we brought our tiny bundle home, I used that same rocking chair to nurse Little Miss. Daddy would lay on the floor, Kona would crawl underneath the crib, and I would rock my sweet baby as she ate. It was quiet. It was peaceful. We have always loved that sweet little room.

I’ve read some other blogs in which the blogger shares pictures of the baby’s nursery and everything she has done to prepare for the new addition. Although Little’s room has changed some since her newborn days, I’d like to show you some pictures of her room now. It seems to be evolving from a baby room to a little girl room, but I love the changes so far.

So without further ado, here is Little’s little girl room!

Little Miss would like to welcome you to her room! It’s her favorite place in the house.

Here is her baby bed that converts to a toddler bed. I suppose we will use this for a while yet. It was actually a hand-me-up from a dear family friend. I love the spindles and the antique look to it.

This is an Uppercase Living transfer that is on the wall above the crib. Sadly, we are going to have to paint Little’s room in the near future. There is a smell on the walls that I can’t remove. We actually had to Kilz and paint our living room for the same reason. Right now the room is a neutral color with pink undertones. I think that I would like to paint it a pale green or pale pink (I love pink!). I guess I will just have to get a new transfer for above her crib. Maybe her initials?


The adorable owl lamp that Little got for Christmas. Ressie found it at Target. It actually has two shades. The small one has the owls printed on it, and the big one has cut-outs for the owls to peek through.

The pink puffy chair. She loves to sit in this chair! She will get a teacup from her kitchen, climb into the chair, and act like she is sipping on something tasty.






This kitchen was Little’s birthday present from her daddy and me. She already enjoys playing with it, and I know she will appreciate it more and more as she grows.

These are tissue paper pom poms that I made for Little’s birthday party. They are hanging from the ceiling above her kitchen now.

I want to hang these little owl coat knobs after we paint the room.

I got these Kim Parker paintings while I was in college. They are so bright and look great in the room.

This is the top of Little’s dresser. We got her stuffed owl from Target as well. The cupcake picture frame that still needs a picture of Little was a birthday gift.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Little’s room!

January 3, 2011

“This is bananas!”

It’s time for me to make a confession.

I am a TV junkie.

I’d like to say that my addiction began after becoming a mother. That just over twelve months ago, I didn’t have this problem. Then I could blame the sad truth that I tune in to at least one TV show a night on Little Miss and her extraordinary ability to chain me to the house.

But that’s not the truth. I’ve been this way for quite some time. I like my TV, okay? It’s not as if I sit on the couch all day long with a bag of chips while Little Miss begs me to get up and read her a book. The TV is rarely on during the day. We don’t have cable at our house, and I’m not big on All My Children. Primetime (aka bedtime for Little) is when it happens. The TV calls my name, and I’m okay with that.

So taking into consideration the fact that I am a TV lover and the fact that I am female, I kind of love ABC’s the Bachelor. A lot. I know what you’re going to say now.

“That show is staged. It’s not real.”

“How is it possible to fall in¬† love in such a short time?”

“No one on that show ever stays together.”

The thing is, I don’t care about any of that. I still love the show. It’s my guilty pleasure. I’m sorry if you feel like your brain is turning to mush when you watch it or you want to poke your eye out with a pencil when you see the commercials. I guess that’s fine as long as you don’t tell me how silly I am for watching two hours of very impressive dating every Monday night at 7.

During the last season, a friend shared this blog with me. This girl is absolutely hilarious. Check it out and thank  me for the laugh later.

As for the bachelorettes this go around, I have some opinions (obviously). First of all, Keltie has a lot of energy, for lack of a better word. I’m pretty sure that I (and my husband) saw her underwear not once, but twice when she was doing her rockette kicks. And then she yells out “This is bananas!” Best line so far, I must say. I can tell that Emily will be around for a while, and she seems very sweet. When speaking about not wanting to settle, she told Brad that her mother always says, “It’s better to be home alone than at home and wish you were alone.”

Madison is just plain strange. I love that Brad confronted her about her intentions. And I think it’s safe to say that every girl in the room was creeped out when she leaned in to bite Brad’s neck¬† after accepting her rose.

I¬†foresee a strong friendship that will eventually get in the way of romance for Brad and Ashley S.¬† Michelle will be the one that they all hate. And Britt looks so much like Brittany, it’s weird!

What are your Bachelor opinions and predictions?

January 1, 2011

I can make a mess…all by myself!

One of Little’s favorite things to eat is plain, whole-fat yogurt. You know, the kind that is super sour and only semi-enjoyable to eat if it is loaded with fresh fruit. Little Miss cannot get enough of that yogurt. And she doesn’t want me to put any fruit in it either!

Naturally, when I discovered that she liked it so much, I was stoked. It is so good for her! One cup (about how much Little eats in a serving) has 8 grams of protein,¬†30% of necessary daily¬†calcium, and 25% of both riboflavin and phosphorous (And these are adult values). It also contains the active cultures that are good for intestinal health. Blah, blah, blah if you don’t care about nutrition labels, but some people like myself actually like reading this stuff! So now you can see why I have been happily spoon-feeding¬†my little one her yogurt on almost a daily basis.

Unfortunately, the effortless and almost mess-free act of feeding Little yogurt has now ended. About a week and a half ago, she decided that she is big enough to feed herself anything that is on a spoon. I’m proud of my independent girl, but it makes for a much messier feeding time. If I even try to inch the spoon towards her mouth, she jerks it away from me flinging yogurt on the wall, the dog, me, or any other innocent bystander.

I think the next time we eat yogurt, I’m going to be ready with two spoons. That way, Little can hold one while I try to feed her with the other. It’s worth a try anyway!

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