I can make a mess…all by myself!

One of Little’s favorite things to eat is plain, whole-fat yogurt. You know, the kind that is super sour and only semi-enjoyable to eat if it is loaded with fresh fruit. Little Miss cannot get enough of that yogurt. And she doesn’t want me to put any fruit in it either!

Naturally, when I discovered that she liked it so much, I was stoked. It is so good for her! One cup (about how much Little eats in a serving) has 8 grams of protein, 30% of necessary daily calcium, and 25% of both riboflavin and phosphorous (And these are adult values). It also contains the active cultures that are good for intestinal health. Blah, blah, blah if you don’t care about nutrition labels, but some people like myself actually like reading this stuff! So now you can see why I have been happily spoon-feeding my little one her yogurt on almost a daily basis.

Unfortunately, the effortless and almost mess-free act of feeding Little yogurt has now ended. About a week and a half ago, she decided that she is big enough to feed herself anything that is on a spoon. I’m proud of my independent girl, but it makes for a much messier feeding time. If I even try to inch the spoon towards her mouth, she jerks it away from me flinging yogurt on the wall, the dog, me, or any other innocent bystander.

I think the next time we eat yogurt, I’m going to be ready with two spoons. That way, Little can hold one while I try to feed her with the other. It’s worth a try anyway!

2 Comments to “I can make a mess…all by myself!”

  1. Haha! She’s such a big girl! Finn loves grabbing the spoon and i try and regain control of the spoon, but oatmeal flings all over. So i let him play with it for a minute and take it back. It’s a mess!

  2. Mackenzie,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. If you are interested, I have two blogs; one I’ve kept since 2007 and one I just started for Levi’s first year. I turn my blogs into scrapbooks at the end of the year. The address for my main one is http://www.joyof3boys.blogspot.com. The link to Levi’s is on the sidebar of this one, but I think it is http://www.leviroger.blogspot.com. There are links to others you might enjoy reading too- Amy Griffin’s, Joni Nesbitt’s, Jordan Kirby’s.

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