Welcome to my room!

Little’s room is one of my favorite places in our house. It has a calm, welcoming quality that is just so perfect for a little girl’s room. Before she was even born, I use to sneak off to her room and rock slowly back and forth in the rocking chair, dreaming of what she might look like.

After we brought our tiny bundle home, I used that same rocking chair to nurse Little Miss. Daddy would lay on the floor, Kona would crawl underneath the crib, and I would rock my sweet baby as she ate. It was quiet. It was peaceful. We have always loved that sweet little room.

I’ve read some other blogs in which the blogger shares pictures of the baby’s nursery and everything she has done to prepare for the new addition. Although Little’s room has changed some since her newborn days, I’d like to show you some pictures of her room now. It seems to be evolving from a baby room to a little girl room, but I love the changes so far.

So without further ado, here is Little’s little girl room!

Little Miss would like to welcome you to her room! It’s her favorite place in the house.

Here is her baby bed that converts to a toddler bed. I suppose we will use this for a while yet. It was actually a hand-me-up from a dear family friend. I love the spindles and the antique look to it.

This is an Uppercase Living transfer that is on the wall above the crib. Sadly, we are going to have to paint Little’s room in the near future. There is a smell on the walls that I can’t remove. We actually had to Kilz and paint our living room for the same reason. Right now the room is a neutral color with pink undertones. I think that I would like to paint it a pale green or pale pink (I love pink!). I guess I will just have to get a new transfer for above her crib. Maybe her initials?


The adorable owl lamp that Little got for Christmas. Ressie found it at Target. It actually has two shades. The small one has the owls printed on it, and the big one has cut-outs for the owls to peek through.

The pink puffy chair. She loves to sit in this chair! She will get a teacup from her kitchen, climb into the chair, and act like she is sipping on something tasty.






This kitchen was Little’s birthday present from her daddy and me. She already enjoys playing with it, and I know she will appreciate it more and more as she grows.

These are tissue paper pom poms that I made for Little’s birthday party. They are hanging from the ceiling above her kitchen now.

I want to hang these little owl coat knobs after we paint the room.

I got these Kim Parker paintings while I was in college. They are so bright and look great in the room.

This is the top of Little’s dresser. We got her stuffed owl from Target as well. The cupcake picture frame that still needs a picture of Little was a birthday gift.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Little’s room!

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