Home again, home again.

Last Friday, we packed our bags for an impromptu trip to Kentucky where Daddio’s grandparents live. Now I must tell you, I am not one to drop everything and go. As I often tell my husband, I like to “prepare my mind” for most things. I’m just not much for spontaneity. And now that we have another little person to pack for (and a fur-baby), it’s even harder to hop in the car and hit the road. 

But last Friday I didn’t mind. We don’t get to see Daddio’s grandparents very often because of the distance between us. When we were dating in high school, we would visit them on weekends and during the summer and always had such a great time. This visit was no different!

We arrived late Friday afternoon and planned to stay until Sunday. Needless to stay, we didn’t come home until yesterday! Work is slow right now for Daddio, so with nowhere else to be, we gladly accepted the hospitality (and wonderful food) from “Mamaw” and “PaPaul.”

Little Miss loves her great-grandparents so much and relished the constant attention she was given. While we were in KY, she perfected her ability to blow a kiss and did so before bed every night. She is also walking the majority of the time now. She slept beautifully (to my delight), and ate like a champ as well.

Kona stayed outside or in the garage during the day and was permitted in the house at night to sleep in her cage. I think she is a farm dog at heart and loved the table scraps she was given, but I did miss her constant companionship while we were there.

Here are some pictures from our trip. Enjoy!

Little Miss loved this Big Bird chair. I think she likes any little chair that she is able to crawl into by herself!

Once she got hold of PaPaul’s iPhone, it was all over! He let her play with it, and they will remain friends until the end of time.

Like I said, best friends. She liked looking at the pictures on the refrigerator.

We watched the birds every morning while we ate our breakfast and visited at the kitchen table. Kona continuously chased them away, but they kept coming back.


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