Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

I often have to remind myself of how blessed I am. It’s something I do to keep from feeling sorry for myself over very silly things. Isn’t it so easy to allow one minuscule detail of life control your attitude? Whether it be a good detail (Grey’s Anatomy comes on tonight!) or a negative detail (The bathroom needs to be cleaned again.), trivial parts of my life too often dictate my mood.  

Yesterday I was feeling grouchy, hormonal, tired sorry for myself for whatever reason, and Little’s crying and clinginess was not helping matters. I am so blessed to have an independent and for the most part low-maintenance baby (Am I supposed to call her a toddler now?!). She has never wanted me to hold her for long periods or to constantly sit with her as she stacks blocks. I am able to pick up her room, clean the bathroom, or make the bed, and as long as she is able to see me every few minutes, she is a happy girl.

Every now and again, however, she likes to throw me for a loop by demanding me to hold her all day long, cry constantly, take a 45 minute nap, and get right back to crying when she wakes. I’m not used to this baby, and it catches me off guard every time.

Finally around 5:30 last night, I noticed that Little’s nose was running and had a hunch to check for teeth. Ding, ding, ding! Poor baby has two teeth coming in on the top. She already has four on top and four on bottom, so now she will have ten!

That’s right. Mother of the year award can go to me for being grouchy and annoyed with my baby girl as two tiny daggers wreak havoc on her gums. Time to feel extremely selfish and remind myself of all of those blessings.

I am blessed to live in this country. I am blessed to have a warm house in the winter and a cool house in the summer. I’m blessed to have plenty of food to eat. I’m blessed to have a hard-working husband that loves me (and let’s me know it). I am SO blessed to have a beautiful, healthy, smart, funny, timid, feisty baby girl.

That list only skims the surface of the overflowing blessings of my life. It doesn’t matter if a handwritten letter just arrived in the mail or the dog threw up on the carpet because you forgot to feed her breakfast (another post!). I am abundantly blessed nonetheless, and sometimes I need to just remind myself of that.

A good memory is one that can remember the day’s blessings and forget the day’s troubles.


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