The good and the bad.

Having your first baby brings tons of new experiences, both good and bad. This past week we dealt with one of those unpleasant experiences. Little Miss was sick for the first time.

She started acting funny on Tuesday night. She woke up in the early hours with a low-grade fever. All day Wednesday she was fussy, and that night her fever spiked up to 104. Quite alarmed, we called the on-call nurse who said we should alternate between acetaminophen and ibuprofen to keep the fever down and bring her to the doctor in the morning.

The next day I took my pitiful girl to the pediatrician. Much to her dismay, the doctor gave Little a thorough check. She protested the entire time prompting the doctor to comment on her intense strength. When he was trying to check in her mouth, Little clamped it shut but somehow still managed to scream at the top of her lungs. What a talented little girl! Anyway, the doctor declared that it was only a virus that needed to run its course.

The next couple of days were pretty tiring, and I was reminded of Little’s newborn days. She wanted to sleep most of the day (on my chest!) but woke multiple times during the night because she was uncomfortable. Needless to say, I got very little accomplished while she was sick.

On Saturday I encountered yet another first. A small, bumpy rash popped up on Little’s back and face. Once again, I called the nurse and explained what was going on with my sickly child. She assured me that the rash was perfectly normal and meant that the virus was most likely making its exit. Thank goodness. I’m sure I sounded like such an amateur to the nurse, but hey, that’s what I am! I’m just glad that my first rendezvous with illness in my child was such a mild virus.

Little was finally back to normal today. We tried taking her out yesterday, but she wasn’t having any of it. Today was much better. We had lunch with Daddio’s dad and then enjoyed some light shopping. The key to our enjoyable experience was letting Little walk around on her own for most of the time. That and lots of snacks. It’s hard to really shop when your 13 month old just wants to explore, but at least we got out of the house!

Even though her virus was tiring for the whole family, there was one silver lining to Little being sick. She was so snuggly! I just love to snuggle with me sweet baby. The dishes and laundry can wait!

This was Tuesday before I knew Little Miss was getting sick. Looking at this picture now, I can see the virus coming. The flushed cheeks and puny eyes tell the story.

In the trenches. The only thing that got us through was goldfish crackers and lots of love.

On the mend. By Saturday Little had enough energy to play hard for thirty minutes. Then it was time to crash for three more hours.

Even when she didn’t feel well, Little Miss still tended to her babies. What a good little mother!

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