Dear Little Miss: 14 Months


Dear Little Miss,

Another month has passed, and you are now fourteen months old. How can so many new things occur in such a short amount of time? Your little personality is ever-evolving. I sometimes feel like if I blink you will be packing up your bags for college. I know that as you continue to grow, the number of new things you do in a month will slow, but right now I’m just trying to soak up every single day. I remind myself of how quickly the days pass when you scream at me for more cheerios and plead for time to slow down as you lay your head on my shoulder and pat, pat, pat my back.

You have really expanded your vocabulary this month. My favorite word that you say is bubble; you sound so cute when you talk! I can’t wait for you to start talking in little sentences. Other new words are cat, bow, ditch (ha!), bath, banana, apple, cookie, up, please and thank you.

You’ve developed a bit of separation anxiety in the past couple of weeks. When I leave the room you almost always follow after me. If I’m in the kitchen, you cry at the baby gate until I let you come in with me.  This makes it a bit harder to get things done, but I do love that you love your mamma so much!

You are an expert fit-thrower. Sometimes I get upset with you when you throw yourself to the ground, but usually it is just too darn funny to make me mad. Of course, I never let you see me laughing at you. I don’t want to encourage any bad behavior! I can’t believe that such a small person can cause such a large scene. Tonight you were carrying around Kona’s ball in a plastic container when she walked up and snatched it right away from you. You screamed and threw yourself down to the ground. Then you flung the plastic container across the room, screamed, speed crawled to the container, and flung the container again. Your daddy and I were hiding our laughing faces. Let’s get the record straight that we do not find your sassy behavior cute, but it was such a funny sight to see you mad at a plastic container!

You have developed a love affair with goldfish crackers, cheerios, and animal crackers. You walk around clicking your little hands together in the sign for “more” because you want one of your favorite snacks. You also still enjoy fruits and vegetables, whole wheat pasta and chicken. We’ve cut every bottle, so you now take three sippys of milk a day. We also successfully transitioned to whole milk this month. Woo hoo!

You walk (and run!) everywhere you go. No more crawling for you. Even at stores you want to walk around by yourself. This can really slow us down, so I usually try to keep you in the cart for as long as possible!

You got another molar bringing your tooth count to twelve.

Daddy showed you how to kick a ball, and I was so surprised when you actually did it!

You have started to understand how a puzzle works and will try to place the pieces on top of the appropriate picture.

You realized that you can crawl inside Kona’s cage and now get in there at least once a day. Yuck. I’m not fond of the amount of fur that gets on your clothes when you do this.

When I took you to the doctor a few weeks ago because you were sick, you weighed 21 pounds 8 ounces.

Keep on growing baby girl. We love you so very much!



One Comment to “Dear Little Miss: 14 Months”

  1. Hearing about your following your Mama around, reminds me of your Daddy. He would also cry at the gate when I would leave the living room and go into the kitchen. It would break my heart as well. Somehow with our other two we taught them to entertain themselves. Probably with music, toys and childrens videos. Plus there was always someone else around! With the firs tbaby it’s always hard to know what to do. I know when your Uncle Corbin started pitching temper tantrums out of the blue, I didnt know where the little munster had come from. I think I just ignored him enough for him tofinally realize the tantrums weren’t working. All these things are how our little ones learn to cope with life’s different issues. The more they learn as little ones though, the easier time they have later! I love you sweet baby!

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