Adventures of Mamma, Little and Kona

It was an eventful morning at our house to say the least, but the good thing about an stressful exciting morning is that it gives you something to write about in your blog!

It started after breakfast. Little Miss ate a clementine, a whole egg (hardboiled) and a handful of cheerios this morning! I’m always tickled when she eats every single thing I put on  her chair. She’s  a pretty good eater, but she knows what she wants and when she wants it. And sometimes I’m not as good of a mind reader as I know I should be.

After Little demolished her breakfast, it was time for a bath. I  often take her into the shower with me because it saves time, and she likes to sit and play with her toys while I bathe. We’ve done this since she was around seven months old. When she first started showering with me, I would plop her in the bumbo and put it in the shower. Now she just sits on her bottom and plays.

After we finished our bath, I wrapped Little in her towel and took her to her room. Here’s where it gets interesting. I had to put Little down because I hadn’t picked out her outfit yet. Big mistake. She ran(yes, ran) out of her room and into the hallway. Oh my goodness did she look cute though! She was naked except for the hooded towel, and her little belly was poked out so far. I asked her to come back to her room, and she did. The hooded towel had fallen off at this point. Little decided that she wanted to sit in her pink chair, so she climbs her little naked bottom into the seat and turns around victorious. The mamma in me wanted to run for my camera, but that same mamma reminded me that I needed to get a diaper on that naked  bottom before…too late. Just as I was about to pick Little up I looked down, and she was sitting in a pool of pee in her chair.

Strangely, the pee didn’t soak into the chair.  It just kind of sat there in a pool so that I was able to clean  it up pretty fast with a towel. No big deal although I did wonder out loud why Little decided to wait to pee in her chair after being free of the diaper for a good fifteen minutes in the shower…

After getting Little diapered and dressed, Kona was hounding me to go outside, so we came to the living room and let her out. I don’t like to leave her outside for too long because we live on a pretty busy street, so after a minute or two, I called for her to come in the house. She came bounding into the house and immediately threw up yellow bile on the carpet.

I believe I promised in another post that I would tell of Kona’s vomiting adventures (just what you want to read about,  right), and now is the time! Kona is an all around wonderful dog, but she does have her flaws. She barks  at strangers, is easily excited, and is picky about her dog food. We buy her kibbles, chunks and chews of which she picks through and only eats the chunks and chews. It’s quite impressive, actually.

So apparently her bowl was full of two days worth of kibbles this morning, and she decided not to eat. Did I mention Kona has another flaw? When she doesn’t eat breakfast, she throws up her empty stomach contents by 9:30  am.

And there you have it. I cleaned up baby pee and doggie vomit all before 10 this morning. Just call me the mamma-cleaner-upper. Oh well, all in a day’s work.

And speaking of work, my wonderful husband just got a job with the Metro  police department. Woo hoo! He is in his third day of training, and I’m already so proud of him. I know that he’s going to do a great job and will be a wonderful addition to the department. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he continues his training. And pray for him after that too, if you don’t mind!

 Daddio on our honeymoon.   Siesta Key, FL

2 Comments to “Adventures of Mamma, Little and Kona”

  1. Hey, Love reading your blog. Hope Daniel and Taylor will do this when their little one gets here. Hope your family can come to the shower with your Mom and Dad. I know Daniel would love to see you and meet your family. Love to you and yours, Becky

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