Dear Little Miss: 16 Months

Dear Little Miss,

You are getting to be such a big girl. You seldom look like a baby anymore, which is bittersweet to your mamma. I miss your tiny newborn days, but I’m also embracing this new stage in your life when you are constantly on the go. Sometimes I look at you and still can’t believe you are mine 16 months after your birth! Your daddy and I love you more and more every day, which doesn’t seem possible. I’m so proud of every new thing you do, and I love to show you off to our family and friends! 🙂

One of the cutest little things you started doing this month is ordering Kona into her cage. I’m seeing a trend here…it seems every monthly update features Kona’s cage and a new way you play with it! Now you stand by Kona’s cage and say “O-nuh.” Then you point inside and say “cage.” And to top off the cuteness, you click your tongue or smack your lips to get Kona’s attention when she pays you no mind. Of course, Kona doesn’t listen to you, so I immediately intervene and instruct her to get in the cage. When she’s inside you slam the door shut and smile proudly to yourself. The first time I saw you do this, I felt as if I might explode from the cuteness! This new development is much more adorable than your fascination with climbing inside the cage…

You love to turn the water on in the bathtub. I have to keep the door to the bathroom closed because too many times I have found the water running in the tub! You also love to wash your hands and brush your teeth whenever you see me doing these things. I soap my hands up, put some bubbles on your hands, and say rub, rub, rub. I’m pleased that you enjoy washing your hands so much because you definitely don’t like to have your hands wiped after meals.

You love to help me with things I’m doing around the house. For instance, today I handed you one article of clothing at a time from the washer for you to put in the dryer. This makes chores take a little bit longer, but I know that you’re learning so much every time you do things like this. You also like to help me dust. You’ll put your clothes, shoes, and toys away, but if I want them to stay put, I have to direct you to another activity or you just pull everything out again.

You have three more teeth coming in right now bringing your count up to fifteen. Thankfully, you haven’t been noticeably cranky with this round of new teeth.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of taking away your paci altogether…but even typing that out makes me a little nervous! You only get your paci for nap and bedtime, but you love it so much. You have been sleeping like a dream for the past few months. The only reason I’m contemplating this move is for your little teeth. We shall see how things go and whether I become brave enough in the next month!

That is pretty much all for this month save the improvements you’ve made in things you have already learned to do. You are such a sweet baby girl! Stay sweet and innocent forever little one.



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