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May 26, 2011

Dear Little Miss: 17 Months

Dear Little Miss,

I probably sound like a broken record when I say this, but how did another month already pass us by? I firmly believe that with every new month, time speeds up just a little bit. I’m on to you time! Your Auntie graduated high school on Saturday, and before the ceremony began I was walking you around to keep you from getting restless. I smile and am happy inside with every adoring glance that you capture; I’m a proud mamma! One particular stranger was watching us as we walked, and just as we were passing him, he smiled and said, “Turn around a few times and that will be her up on the stage.” Like I said, I know the truth to that all too well. I had been thinking that very thing minutes earlier but could barely shake my head in agreement at the man.

This month has been full of perfecting past skills. While you haven’t reached any major milestones during this month, it is evident that your little mind is growing rapidly. You recognize and understand so many things. And not only do you understand what I say to you, but you’re pretty good at following through with my direction as well.

I want you to know just how much I love you, Little Miss. You can be such a handful at times, but all of that is forgotten when you sneak up on me and pat my back softly. I turn around, and you smile proudly and say “mamma” as you pat me again. What a sweetheart you are!

You’re not only sweet to me either. You’re a big fan of your Daddio and miss him a lot while he’s at work. While we were on a walk yesterday, you “talked” about him for half the trip. I kept hearing you say “dada, dada. Dada, dada” in a sing-song sort of way. This morning while you were in your room, I opened the door to the office and heard you yell “dada!” When I told you dada wasn’t home right now and closed the door, you promptly fell down in the floor and started to cry.

You still love music and dancing. If I ask you if you want to sing your ABC’s, you will say “a, b, a, b” and rock back and forth. You will also move your hands during Wheels on the Bus. Patty cake is too funny in your little eyes; you grin so big and clap your hands as I say the rhyme.

You have all of your baby teeth except your two-year molars! Some of them are still finishing growing in, but it definitely looks like a full set in there. It’s so funny to think of when you had no teeth at all.

Until next month (which I know will feel like tomorrow), I love you so much. Keep on growing and learning sweet girl!



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