She’s the “boss.”

Up until now, Little Miss hasn’t had much contact with other babies or young children. She sees kids at church, and obviously she notices all the babies and little ones everywhere we go. But during the day, it’s been just Little Miss, Kona, Moose and mamma. She plays on her own a lot of the time, but she also loves to boss play with Kona. She doesn’t try it with Moose (I think because he’s so big), but as I’ve mentioned in other posts, she definitely enjoys ordering Kona around the house.

Well now there’s a new little man in town! I’ve recently taken on the task of caring for Little’s cousin (I’ll call him Baby Boy) while his mamma is at work. He’s eleven months old, and such a sweet little guy. He doesn’t cry much, and we’re working on getting him to nap at the same time as Little while he is at our house.

Like I said, I haven’t had the opportunity to see Little interact with other kids much, so I was very excited to see her reaction towards Baby Boy. The first couple of days she didn’t pay him much mind, but I think she’s finally warmed up to him now. I wanted to share some of the funny things she’s done the past couple weeks.

Playing together for the two mostly consists of Baby Boy picking something up and Little Miss taking it away from him. I’m so glad for this interaction though because I have started teaching Little what it means to share. Isn’t it amazing that a child has to be taught most everything? Right now Little Miss has no idea that taking Baby’s toys (or bottle, or puffs, or blanket…) is not a nice way to act. She is a blank slate that is ready to be taught. On the flip side, Little’s personality is something I don’t have quite as much control over, and sometimes when I encourage her to do the right thing, I see that little temper of hers flare. Also, if Baby Boy takes something away from her, watch out! The shrieking will ensue. Like I said though, Little has to be taught, and what better a situation than with her sweet cousin and my supervision.

Yesterday Daddio and I took Little and Baby for a target adventure and used the huge, cumbersome, two-child cart for the first time. Little Miss was tickled pink when we sat her in the seat. And I must mention how my heart melts when Little and Baby “talk” and smile at each other. It is one of the sweetest little things I’ve ever seen. I had to get a picture of them in the cart, but it’s on my phone. Maybe I’ll be able to figure out how to get it on here!

I’ve really enjoyed taking care of my little nephew so far. He and Little Miss could not be more different! It really makes me wonder what kind of personality my next little one will hold.

ETA: I got the picture to work! Little Miss priss is doing her new “cheese” trick. Baby Boy is chillin’.


One Comment to “She’s the “boss.””

  1. so sweet! i love those babies!

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