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July 19, 2011

Busy is what I like to be.

When I was a kid, the summer always seemed to fly by faster than any other time of the year. I guess it’s kind of like the weekend…or Christmas break. When you’re not in school, time zips right by leaving you longing for the days when you didn’t have to worry about multiplication or spelling tests. Nevertheless, the summer always ends too quickly and you once again find yourself stuck in a classroom with twenty-something other kids who wish they were at the pool.

Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit here. I always liked school and was, for the most part, ready to return when the time came. I say all of this because it is already the 19th of July, and school will be starting in no time. You may be thinking to yourself why this would concern me now. I’m not in school, and Little Miss has quite a while before she will be starting either. Thank goodness. I guess I still think about it because my mother is a teacher, and it always seems as if right when her summer break begins, it’s just about time to head back! And did I mention that Little Miss and I spend a lot of time with my mother during the summer? She lives just two minutes from my house.

Anyway, enough with the rant about school days. Since I’ve become a grown woman with a husband and a daughter, my days just continue to fly. Not just the summer days either. Every. single. day. Except for those days when the house is a mess, and Little is screaming, and Kona and Moose are driving me insane wanting to go outside every five seconds…

The past couple of weeks have been so busy, which I love. But everyone knows that when you have a busy schedule, time really starts slipping away. And now I have nearly a months worth of activities that I need to pack into one post before I forget something!

About a month ago, my mom, dad, sister, Little, and I took a 15-hour road trip to Pennsylvania. My grandmother turned 80 at the beginning of June, and my dad’s whole family (six boys and one girl plus spouses, kids, and grandkids) surprised her with a party.

Daddio didn’t get to go because of work, so he stayed home and took care of the dogs. Little Miss got to meet her great Gramma at my sister’s high school graduation, but I was so glad that we got to see her again. And Pennsylvania is a beautiful state! My dad was very excited to be back where he grew up for a visit.

For the 4th of July, Daddio, Little and I (plus the dogs) headed to Kentucky to stay with Daddio’s grandparents.

My parents and sister and Daddio’s parents also came to visit, so we had a great time relaxing and visiting with everyone. Little Miss loves going to Kentucky for all the good food, the exploring, and of course the extra attention!

Daddio and I had our anniversary on July 11th. Did I mention that thing about time flying by? I love you, Mr. T.

Other than all of that, we’ve been spending our days getting haircuts, going to the pool, cleaning house, going to birthday parties, shopping for groceries, and seeing old friends. I just finished reading The Help, and I’ve got to say that it was one of the best books I’ve read in a while. I’m not going to spoil anything for those who still want to read it, but I do want to say that my favorite part of the story was seeing Aibileen and Mae Mobley’s relationship develop. It was so neat to watch what began as innocent, pure love turn into something deeper and stronger as Mae Mobley grew. I laughed, gasped, and cried throughout the whole book. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the book, too.

Happy summer!

July 7, 2011

Dear Little Miss: 18 Months

I’d like to preface this update by saying that I’m sorry it comes almost two weeks late. I know all my faithful followers have been waiting. Ha! We’ve been busy around here, and even though I’ve had most of this typed out for a while, I just couldn’t get around to finishing it up until now. Please forgive me and read on!

Mamma, Gramma B (my grandmother), Little Miss, and Auntie C

Dear Little Miss,

You are eighteen months old sweet girl. A whole year and a half! I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again; with every passing day I fall more in love with you. It thrills me every time I realize that you have learned something new. Every time you show me that I’m doing my job as the “mamma” right. I look at your newborn pictures and can’t believe that the little girl standing in front of me was a helpless infant just a short year and a half ago.

One day a few weeks ago Daddio said to you, “Show me your smile.” We were both surprised when you bared all your teeth in a (very cute and cuddly) monster-like expression and said “Cheese!” I have always told you to smile when I’m trying to take pictures, but this was the first time you agreed to do so. And we were also impressed that you added in the “cheese” on your own good measure. We didn’t even have the camera out at the time. The picture at the bottom of a few posts back is just what you look like when you “show your smile.”

You’ve developed a somewhat frustrating habit of taking your diaper off while you’re in your crib. It all started a few weeks ago. I’ve decided that you must wake up in the morning with little noise. When I don’t hear you, you get bored and begin removing your pajamas and diaper. What a sneaky little girl! I don’t even know how many time I’ve walked in to find you completely naked. When I ask you where your diaper is, you always point to it in the crib and begin jabbering to yourself.

In contrast, you’ve become an expert at putting on your own shoes. You love to sit down on the floor and take your time. More than half the time you actually put them on the correct feet, but I’ve got to say I think it’s just chance at this point! 🙂 You also like to get clothes out of the laundry basket and try to get dressed! On more than one occasion you have come out of your room with a shirt pulled onto your legs or socks on your hands. I guess you have already started playing dress-up!

Since it’s summer time now we’ve been going to the swimming pool a lot, and you love the water. You are fearless when it comes to the pool, which I’m happy about on one hand and extra cautious and watchful about on the other. You blow bubbles in the water and “jump” off the side into my arms. The jumping is actually more like falling, but you’re proud of yourself nonetheless, and so am I! I’ve also been teaching you to float on your back by crouching in the water  and resting your head on my shoulder. You’ll tolerate this for a time, but you’re not fond of the water getting in your ears. If I ask you if you want to go swimming, you head straight for you swim diapers and suit!

You’ve started repeating yourself very loudly when you want something. For example, if you want your cup of water, you say, “Cup! Cup! CUP!” until I get your cup. Another favorite is “ABBY!” which is what you have started calling your pacifier. We’ve always called it a paci, but your word for it is abby. Who knows why. What I do know is that it’s almost too adorable when you say it.

You’re also perfecting your auntie’s name. Other than mamma and dada, her name is the only name you will say without prompting. You put words together now such as thank you mamma, bye  bye Kona or please dada.

I’m not sure if I’ve put it in another post, but for quite a while now you have been giving kisses and hugs when asked.

You say “ewwww” when something is gross or dirty. 🙂

You weigh 23 pounds and are just over 32 inches tall. My long and lean girl with a pooched out belly!

I love you little one. You make me smile every day!



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