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July 7, 2011

Dear Little Miss: 18 Months

I’d like to preface this update by saying that I’m sorry it comes almost two weeks late. I know all my faithful followers have been waiting. Ha! We’ve been busy around here, and even though I’ve had most of this typed out for a while, I just couldn’t get around to finishing it up until now. Please forgive me and read on!

Mamma, Gramma B (my grandmother), Little Miss, and Auntie C

Dear Little Miss,

You are eighteen months old sweet girl. A whole year and a half! I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again; with every passing day I fall more in love with you. It thrills me every time I realize that you have learned something new. Every time you show me that I’m doing my job as the “mamma” right. I look at your newborn pictures and can’t believe that the little girl standing in front of me was a helpless infant just a short year and a half ago.

One day a few weeks ago Daddio said to you, “Show me your smile.” We were both surprised when you bared all your teeth in a (very cute and cuddly) monster-like expression and said “Cheese!” I have always told you to smile when I’m trying to take pictures, but this was the first time you agreed to do so. And we were also impressed that you added in the “cheese” on your own good measure. We didn’t even have the camera out at the time. The picture at the bottom of a few posts back is just what you look like when you “show your smile.”

You’ve developed a somewhat frustrating habit of taking your diaper off while you’re in your crib. It all started a few weeks ago. I’ve decided that you must wake up in the morning with little noise. When I don’t hear you, you get bored and begin removing your pajamas and diaper. What a sneaky little girl! I don’t even know how many time I’ve walked in to find you completely naked. When I ask you where your diaper is, you always point to it in the crib and begin jabbering to yourself.

In contrast, you’ve become an expert at putting on your own shoes. You love to sit down on the floor and take your time. More than half the time you actually put them on the correct feet, but I’ve got to say I think it’s just chance at this point! ūüôā You also like to get clothes out of the laundry basket and try to get dressed! On more than one occasion you have come out of your room with a shirt pulled onto your legs or socks on your hands. I guess you have already started playing dress-up!

Since it’s summer time now we’ve been going to the swimming pool a lot, and you love the water. You are fearless when it comes to the pool, which I’m happy about on one hand and extra cautious and watchful about on the other. You blow bubbles in the water and “jump” off the side into my arms. The jumping is actually more like falling, but you’re proud of yourself nonetheless, and so am I! I’ve also been teaching you to float on your back by crouching in the water¬† and¬†resting your head on my shoulder. You’ll tolerate this for a time, but you’re not fond of the¬†water getting in your ears. If I ask you if you want to go swimming, you head straight for you swim diapers and suit!

You’ve started repeating yourself very loudly when you want something. For example, if you want your cup of water, you say, “Cup! Cup! CUP!” until I get your cup. Another favorite is “ABBY!” which is what you have started calling your pacifier. We’ve always called it a paci, but your word for it is abby. Who knows why. What I do know is that it’s almost too adorable when you say it.

You’re also perfecting your auntie’s name. Other than mamma and dada, her name is the only name you will say without prompting. You put words together now¬†such as¬†thank you mamma, bye¬† bye¬†Kona or please dada.

I’m not sure if I’ve put it in another post, but for quite a while now you have been giving kisses and hugs when asked.

You say “ewwww” when something is gross or dirty. ūüôā

You weigh 23 pounds and are just over 32 inches tall. My long and lean girl with a pooched out belly!

I love you little one. You make me smile every day!



May 26, 2011

Dear Little Miss: 17 Months

Dear Little Miss,

I probably sound like a broken record when I say this, but how did another month already pass us by? I firmly believe that with every new month, time speeds up just a little bit. I’m on to you time! Your Auntie graduated high school on Saturday, and before the ceremony began I was walking you around to keep you from getting restless. I smile and am happy inside with every adoring glance that you capture; I’m a proud mamma! One particular stranger was watching us as we walked, and just as we were passing him, he smiled and said, “Turn around a few times and that will be her up on the stage.” Like I said, I know the truth to that all too well. I had been thinking that very thing minutes earlier but could barely shake my head in agreement at the man.

This month has been full of perfecting past skills. While you haven’t reached any major milestones during this month, it is evident that your little mind is growing rapidly. You recognize and understand so many things. And not only do you understand what I say to you, but you’re pretty good at following through with my direction as well.

I want you to know just how much I love you, Little Miss. You can be such a handful at times, but all of that is forgotten when you sneak up on me and pat my back softly. I turn around, and you smile proudly and say “mamma” as you pat me again. What a sweetheart you are!

You’re not only sweet to me either. You’re a big fan of your Daddio and miss him a lot while he’s at work. While we were on a walk yesterday, you “talked” about him for half the trip. I kept hearing you say “dada, dada. Dada, dada” in a sing-song sort of way. This morning while you were in your room, I opened the door to the office and heard you yell “dada!” When I told you dada wasn’t home right now and closed the door, you promptly fell down in the floor and started to cry.

You still love music and dancing. If I ask you if you want to sing your ABC’s, you will say “a, b, a, b” and rock back and forth. You will also move your hands during Wheels on the Bus. Patty cake is too funny in your little eyes; you grin so big and clap your hands as I say the rhyme.

You have all of your baby teeth except your two-year molars! Some of them are still finishing growing in, but it definitely looks like a full set in there. It’s so funny to think of when you had no teeth at all.

Until next month (which I know will feel like tomorrow), I love you so much. Keep on growing and learning sweet girl!



April 27, 2011

Dear Little Miss: 16 Months

Dear Little Miss,

You are getting to be such a big girl. You seldom look like a baby anymore, which is bittersweet to your mamma. I miss your tiny newborn days, but I’m also embracing this new stage in your life when you are constantly on the go. Sometimes I look at you and still can’t believe you are mine 16 months after your birth! Your daddy and I love you more and more every day, which doesn’t seem possible. I’m so proud of every¬†new thing you do, and I love to show you off to our family and friends! ūüôā

One of the cutest little things you started doing this month is ordering Kona into her cage. I’m seeing a trend here…it seems every monthly update features Kona’s cage and a new way you play with it! Now you stand by Kona’s cage and say “O-nuh.” Then you point inside and say “cage.” And to top off the cuteness, you click your¬†tongue or smack your lips to get Kona’s attention when she pays you no mind. Of course, Kona doesn’t listen to you, so I immediately intervene and instruct her to get in the cage. When she’s inside you slam the door shut and smile proudly to yourself. The first time I saw you do this, I felt as if I might explode from the cuteness! This new development is much more adorable than your fascination with climbing inside the cage…

You love to turn the water on in the bathtub. I have to keep the door to the bathroom closed because too many times I have found the water running in the tub! You also love to wash your hands and brush your teeth whenever you see me doing these things. I soap my hands up, put some bubbles on your hands, and say rub, rub, rub. I’m pleased that you enjoy washing your hands so much because you definitely don’t like to have your hands wiped after meals.

You love to help me with things I’m doing around the house. For instance, today I handed you one article of clothing at a time from the washer for you to put in the dryer. This makes chores take a little bit longer, but I know that you’re learning so much every time you do things like this. You also like to help me dust. You’ll put your clothes, shoes, and toys away, but if I want them to stay put, I have to direct you to another activity or you just pull everything out again.

You have three more teeth coming in right now bringing your count up to fifteen. Thankfully, you haven’t been noticeably cranky with this round of new teeth.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of taking away your paci¬†altogether…but even typing that out makes me a little nervous! You only get your paci for nap and bedtime, but you love it so much. You have been sleeping like a dream for the past few months. The only reason I’m contemplating this move is for your little teeth. We shall see how things go and whether I become brave enough in the next month!

That is pretty much all for this month save the improvements you’ve made in things you have already learned to do. You are such a sweet baby girl! Stay sweet and innocent forever little one.



March 25, 2011

Dear Little Miss: 15 Months

Dear Little Miss,

It’s time for another monthly update already! This month flew by as always, and we have been pretty busy around here. Daddio is just about to finish his first month of police training academy. It’s been tough, but Daddio is such a hard worker, and I know that he will succeed. We also added another (temporary) member to our family almost two weeks ago. Moose the Great Dane (who will have his own post very soon) is your Uncle Z’s doggie. We are keeping him at our house while Z is serving our country in Kuwait. ūüôā

But this is about you, isn’t it Little Miss?

Your favorite activity at the moment is to climb in, on, or under anything you can find. The above picture is a perfect example of what I mean. You love to crawl into (tiny) spaces. You crawl into baskets, under the bed, onto the couch, under the couch, behind the rocker in your room, into Kona’s cage and anywhere else that you can squeeze your chubby little body. This morning you actually tried to get into your shape sorter bucket! You were very frustrated when I told you that you weren’t going to fit.

Your favorite things to play with are¬†items that aren’t meant for you. Cell phones, hair ties, my wallet, paper, lotion, dirt from the indoor plants, and my make-up are just a few examples. Can you recognize that you’ve become a handful?

You recognize so many things now. I’m amazed every time¬†I say something to you, and I can see it register. You can do simple puzzles, and put the shapes in the correct hole of your shape sorter if I help you.

You say quite a few words now, so if I tried to type them all out I’d probably forget some. You’ll repeat a new word that I say to you at least 50% of the time. Of course, you don’t like to be a performing monkey, so a lot of the time I’m the only one that hears certain words.

You love animal crackers, so a few weeks ago I taught you that you have to give me a kiss before getting a cookie (Yeah, yeah. I’m awful. I know.). Yesterday I asked you if you wanted a cookie, and you immediately stopped what you were doing to blow me kisses. And then you leaned forward and planted one on me. Success.

Your hair is stick straight like your mamma’s and seems to grows 1/4 of an inch every night. It has gotten pretty long and rests right in your eyes if I don’t clip it back. I’ve thought about giving it a little trim, but I’m just not ready for that!

I think that’s about all for this month, baby girl. I love you so very much! It’s spring time here, so I know that this coming month will be filled with plenty of adventure, and I can’t wait to see what happens.



February 25, 2011

Dear Little Miss: 14 Months


Dear Little Miss,

Another month has passed, and you are now fourteen months old. How can so many new things occur in such a short amount of time? Your little personality is ever-evolving. I sometimes feel like if I blink you will be packing up your bags for college.¬†I know that as you continue to grow, the number of new things you do in a month will slow, but right now I’m just trying to soak up every single day. I remind myself of how quickly the days pass when you scream at me for more cheerios and plead for time to slow down as you lay your head on my shoulder and pat, pat, pat my back.

You have really expanded your vocabulary this month. My favorite word that you say is bubble; you sound so cute when you talk! I can’t wait for you to start talking in little sentences. Other new words are cat, bow, ditch (ha!), bath, banana, apple, cookie, up, please and thank you.

You’ve developed a bit of separation anxiety in the past couple of weeks. When I leave the room you almost always follow after me. If I’m in the kitchen, you cry at the baby gate until I let you come in with me.¬† This makes it a bit harder to get things done, but I do love that you love your mamma so much!

You are an expert fit-thrower. Sometimes I get upset with you when you throw yourself to the ground, but usually it is just too darn funny to make me mad. Of course, I never let you see me laughing at you. I don’t want to encourage any bad behavior! I can’t believe that such a small person can cause such a large scene. Tonight you were carrying around Kona’s ball in a plastic container when she walked up and snatched it right away from you. You screamed and threw yourself down to the ground. Then you flung the plastic container across the room, screamed, speed crawled to the container, and flung the container again. Your daddy and I were hiding our laughing faces. Let’s get the record straight that we do not find your sassy behavior cute, but it was such a funny sight to see you mad at a plastic container!

You have developed a love affair with goldfish crackers, cheerios, and animal crackers. You walk around clicking your little hands together in the sign for “more” because you want one of your favorite snacks. You also¬†still enjoy fruits and vegetables, whole wheat pasta and chicken. We’ve cut every bottle, so you now take three sippys of milk a day. We also successfully transitioned to whole milk this month. Woo hoo!

You walk (and run!) everywhere you go. No more crawling for you. Even at stores you want to walk around by yourself. This can really slow us down, so I usually try to keep you in the cart for as long as possible!

You got another molar bringing your tooth count to twelve.

Daddy showed you how to kick a ball, and I was so surprised when you actually did it!

You have started to understand how a puzzle works and will try to place the pieces on top of the appropriate picture.

You realized that you can crawl inside Kona’s cage and now get in there at least once a day. Yuck. I’m not fond of the amount of fur that gets on your clothes when you do this.

When I took you to the doctor a few weeks ago because you were sick, you weighed 21 pounds 8 ounces.

Keep on growing baby girl. We love you so very much!



January 25, 2011

Dear Little Miss: 13 Months

Dear Little Miss,

You are thirteen months old today. One year and one month old. You have such a fun personality, and I love watching you change so rapidly. I’ve been reading different books to see what I can expect from you in the future,¬† but it almost makes me cry. I can’t imagine having short conversations with you in less than a year. And I can barely remember how small you were at this time last year. Good thing I have plenty of pictures to remind me.

You love baby dolls. One of your favorite things to do is put a baby doll in the stroller you got for your birthday and push the baby around the house. I love to watch you pat, pat, pat the baby’s back. You also sway back and forth with the baby if I sing rock-a-bye baby. One baby doll that you have¬†makes drinking noises if you move her bottle to her mouth. You are such the little mother as you feed your baby and grin with delight as she makes her noises.

Kona is still your best friend. You have tired of retrieving her from her cage every morning like you used to, but you still love playing with her. When Kona gets in a crazy mood and runs around the house like a maniac, you squeal and try to follow after her. Even though you pull her ears, sit on her head, and all around abuse her, she keeps coming back for more every time. It makes me so happy that you two get along so well!

You now eat most everything that Daddio and I eat. Your favorite¬†foods are cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, green beans, bananas and pasta. You still take three bottles a day of breast milk. I tried to mix in an ounce of whole milk for your bedtime bottle last night, and you completely refused to drink any of the bottle! Here we go again…¬†I’m also trying to slowly wean you off of the bottle because I know it is bad for your teeth.¬†Other than milk, you drink sippy cups of water.

You have eight teeth that have fully come in and three on the way! [That’s right, folks. I discovered another tooth that is poking through, and this time it’s a molar! No wonder my poor baby has been so cranky the past few days. And who knows, there may be a molar on the other side of her mouth that is also coming in right now. I couldn’t get a good look, but all of Little’s other teeth have come in pairs.] We bought you a real toothbrush for your tiny teeth, which you seem to love. You have¬†never allowed me to use the finger brush on your teeth, so I’m hoping you will do better with this one.

You take one nap a day (and have since you were ten months old) that is around two hours long and sleep from 7 pm to 7 am most nights.

You blow kisses and make an “Indian” noise with your hand and mouth (a new trick that Auntie taught you).

If I ask you how old you are you hold up your pointer finger (SO cute!).

You know where your nose, mouth, tongue, ears, hair, belly, hands, feet, and toes are.

You like to brush your hair with your comb and hairbrush.

You love to look at books and point to the pictures. You usually only let me read you a whole book if you are a little drowsy. Otherwise, you want to hold the book and turn the pages before I can finish reading all the words.

You are getting better by the day at walking. The majority of the time you are walking, but you do still crawl.

When I’m sitting on the floor, you back up to me and plop down in my lap. You sometimes bring a book or a baby with you.

You love music, and you love to dance! All I have to do is say the word music and you start shaking your little booty. I’ve started declaring that you’re going to be a dancer and singer when you grow up.

You say dada and mama consistently, and you can say duck and book¬†if you want to,¬†but that is pretty much it on words. We’re working on that. You also sign milk, more and all done. You recognize more words than I could type.

I can’t wait to see all the things that you will learn to do this month. I love you baby girl!



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