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April 8, 2011

Meet Moose.

A couple of weeks ago I promised that I would introduce big boy Moose in his very own post.

Then I got busy. And it got really warm and sunny outside. And quite frankly, I didn’t care to sit down with  the computer and type away about our new pup.

But today is the day. Meet Moose.

He’s nine months old and already weighs over 100 pounds. I mentioned before that Moose is my brother’s dog. He’s in Kuwait, and that is why Moose has joined our family for the time being.

It took a little adjusting for all of us, but I think we have finally gotten into the swing of things with Moose. He still tries to swipe things from Little’s highchair and has knocked her down (always unintentionally) several times, but I often remind myself that Moose is still a baby. He may not look like it, but he still acts very much like a 9 month old puppy. And did I mention that our house is small? If Moose comes into the bathroom, he actually has to back out!

He loves to play with sticks and trots around proudly when he plucks a fallen tree limb from the yard. I’m serious; Moose seems to seek out the biggest sticks he can find! To my delight, he also loves water. I’ve always wanted a dog that likes to play in water, but Kona is definitely not that dog. She keeps a safe distance from the hose while I’m watering the plants. That might be why I was so surprised the first time Moose tried to put the sprayer in his mouth while I was watering. He’s also gotten in the creek that runs next to our local greenway.

I’d say the member of our family who has bonded the most with Mr. Mooser is Kona Bear. It took her about a week to come around, but Moose didn’t give up, and one day I walked into the living room to find them rolling around together. Moose likes to put Kona’s head in his mouth, and Kona likes to nip at Moose’s feet. They play tug of war with sticks, and Kona runs circles around Moose in the backyard. They’re good pals.

I need to get a picture of him next to Daddio or Little so it’s easier to see his massive size. This picture definitely doesn’t do him justice! Moose is a big, sweet baby that allows Kona to boss him around and Little Miss to play with his ears. I’m glad that in just four weeks he has adjusted so beautifully!

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